Courses for staff

SKU Consultancy & Training can offer:

Carers’ Awareness (for all staff who work with or come into contact with carers): to highlight the potential impacts of care and to help all staff to better understand how to identify, inform and support carers.

Carers’ Assessment and Good Practice (for staff carrying out or supporting carers through the prcess of carers assessment): legislation and duties relating to carrying out a carer’s assessment; good practice and care planning following the assessment; outcomes focusing; the impact of care and how to record it within the assessment.

Carers and the Social Care Agenda (for all staff): placing carers into the wider equalities and personalisation agendas; how to address carers’ needs as part of these agendas; managing to possible tensions between service users and carers; future developments.

Working With Carers For Managers (for all managers and commissions with responsibility for staff/teams working with carers)– supporting managers to understand the legislation and their staff’s duties; supporting staff with caring responsibilities to utilise legislation and employee support policies to find an effective work/life balance

Community Care Law Introduction (for all staff): local authority and health duties under existing legislation; service user and carer rights; the importance of guidance; best practice.

 Fair Access To Care Services (for all staff): Assessment duties and the application of FACS and the FACS 2010 update; care planning and service delivery under FACS (can include Continuing Care Funding issues if required);

Personalisation (for all staff): history, developments and implications for services; good practice and problem solving.

Disability Equality (for all staff): introducing the social model of disability and its importance; disabled people’s rights; legislation, duties and good practice; using the social model within self-directed support.

Working With Fathers (for all staff, manager and commissioners): the benefits of engaging with fathers; developing a father-friendly service.

Presenting for Professionals (for all staff): improving performance and developing a confident presentation style.

Volunteer Support and Management (for all staff working directly with volunteers): covering any aspect of volunteer support and management required.

Achieving a Work Life balance (for all staff): recognising and dealing with stress; time management; positive and negative thinking